MicroBiz allows you to email receipts to customers.  The email is sent in HTML format directly from the MicroBiz Cloud application, and does not need a third party email client.

Emailing Receipts With Attached Customer Record

When a customer is attached to a transaction, the customer's email is automatically used for the delivery.  On the transaction summary page, you will see that the customers email is automatically populated in the email box.  You can edit the email right from this screen.  The  receipt will be emailed when you click on the "Done" button located at the bottom-right of the screen.

Emailing Receipts Without an Attached Customer

In many cases, you may want to email a receipt to a walk-in customer, where there is no customer record.  In this situation, you can simply add the customer's email directly into the email box on the Transaction Summary screen during the check out process.

Re-sending a Receipt

Occasionally a customer will ask for a copy of the receipt to be sent via email after the transaction has been completed.  In these situations, you can resend the receipt from the Register Sales Dashboard.  First, go to the Register Sales Dashboard and locate the transaction.  Then use the arrow on the left side to open the transaction details.  This press the 'Email Receipt' button to resend the the receipt.


Relevant Admin Settings

Email Default - Go to Settings >> Advanced Settings >> General Account Settings.  This enables you to enable the ability to send emails from MicroBiz as well as define the default settings used on the emails sent.

To set the Default Customer Email - Go to  Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Customer Settings.  This enables you to set which receipt deliver method is used for default customers.  This is used for new and customers without a receipt deliver method defined.  This setting is subordinate to the Receipt Delivery method settings in the individual Customer Records.

**Note: you can change your Default Customer Receipt, from Settings  >>  Advanced Settings  >>  Customers Settings.   Just change the Default Customer Receipt from 'Print Receipt' to 'Email Receipt'. 

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