It is a good idea to close your register at the end of each day so that you have an audit point to count your cash and can check your sales against the funds deposited by your credit card processor into your bank account.   Closing out daily is not a requirement in MicroBiz, but rather a good practice.   You can continue to run your register for days (or weeks) without closing it if you choose to.

Closing Your Register

To close your register, navigate to Front Register >>  Action Panel  >>  Register - and press the 'Close Register' button.

Quick Close

There are two methods to close your register and batch.  First is the Quick Close method, which allows you to close the register/drawer without the need to count cash.  You can select this method using the split orange button at the bottom of the page.  Quick Close is useful when you want to quickly close your cash drawer without counting and/or entering all tender types. 

Full Close

The Full Close method has two options, which are controlled by a toggle switch at the top right of the form.  The Cash option limits the draw count to cash.  To close your batch using this option, simply enter your cash count, and the system will calculate your cash overage/shortage and display the amount of cash to deposit in your bank account.  

Treatment of Opening Cash Balance - If you've entered an opening cash drawer balance amount, the cash count assumes you are entering all the cash counted in the drawer, so system automatically adjusted the variance and Cash to Deposit for the initial cash balance.    

When you are done entering your cash count, click on 'Close Register' button.

The 'All' tender type option displays all the tender types.  In this scenario, you enter you counts for the different tender types and the system displays any variances from the calculated balances.  When you are finished entering your counts, press the 'Close Register' button.

To print a Close Out Report as part of the close process, select the 'Print close out report' check box on the confirmation form,  

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