Special Orders are used to track backorders and their fulfillment through vendor orders or store transfers. 

Special Orders give you a way to track specific customer backorders, create vendor orders to fill them and update the special order automatically when the vendor shipment arrives.


Before we begin creating a special order, it is required that we have created a customer order, to review about customer order please Click here.

  • In order to create a special order, first create a customer order and add the product which has zero or negative amount of open stock.                                                                                                                                                         Once you added the product/'s click on the checkbox, and from the Action Menu>>Item Tab>> click On the "Special Order" option, as shown in the below screenshot.

  • After you have clicked on the special order option, you will see a window tab, from here Enter the Quantity of the open stock that you want to add to the product, and click on save. As shown in the following screen:

  • After you have applied the changes, click on the "Save & Exit" and in the customer order list you will be displayed a Red Star icon indicating the customer order includes a special order.

  • After you have created the customer order, which includes a special order you can find your newly created special order by navigating the Back Office screen>> Inventory>> Special Orders>> click on "Order".

  • You can either create a new PO or attach to an existing PO, and as soon as that PO will be received, you will be given a pop-up window when completing a Vendor Shipment for that existing PO to allocate the items.

  • As soon as you "Select Vendor" or attach the special order to a PO, the status will be changed from "Request" to "Ordered".

If you wish to Receive the PO, head to the Purchase orders screen and select the PO which includes the Special order.

First you should change the status to "Open" and then click on "Save & continue", the "Receive PO" button will be available.

  • Next, is to "Complete" the Shipment Status, from the top-right of the screen. You will be displayed a pop-up screen indicating that the special order has Arrived, click on "View" button.

  • Once you have clicked on the "view" button, you will see another window tab to allocate stock, then click on the allocate stock button. The special order and customer order will be automatically updated with the order line updated from backordered to committed, open stock and backorders will be reduced and the special order status will be changed to ready or in progress depending on dialogue settings.