• Order in Progress provides a way to handle non "cash and carry" transactions such as phone orders, special orders and catalog sales. 
  • Orders are organised into 'hold for pick up', 'ship' and 'deliver' categories. 
  • Full or partial payments can be collected at any point once the order is saved.  
  • Orders can be printed as invoices,estimates and quotes.

Creating a New Order in Progress

  • Add a customer - Orders require a customer attached and you cannot use the 'walk in' customer.
  • Select Ship Method: Pick up in store, deliver, ship.
  • Enter pick up or delivery date. 

  • Add items to Order - you can scan, type or use New item that is located in Item section.

  • switch order status from draft to open.
  •  Save order.
  • If you are taking a deposit or the full payment click 'Collect Payment' the order will be added to a Front Register Receipt - you can sell other cash and carry items or finalize the receipt and take the payment.

Taking Payments 

  • Payments are not made directly on orders - likewise refunds and cancellations are handled by the Front Register. 
  • Start on the order screen and click collect payment.
  • Select Pay in Full or Take Deposit - if a minimum deposit rule applies you will not be able to enter less than the minimum discount.

  • You will switch toe the register screen and your order will be listed as a line item on your receipt. Notice the order line item is a link - clicking on it will abandon the receipt and return you to the order. You can add additional items to the receipt or simply 'Pay' using all the normal methods.
  • The customer receipt will show information about the order they are making a payment on.

Complete the Order (Record as Sale) 

  • Change the Order Status to Complete - if there is a balance due you should "collect payments" first because the"complete" option for order status will be disabled - this will take you to the Front Register to make the final payment. If there is no balance due or you have made the final payment you will be asked if you want a receipt with the order details - you have print and email options as well as 'none'.
  • Save and the order is marked as complete - it will now show up as a sale in reports. 
  • The register close out will show a deposit credit for whatever deposits have already been made on the order.

Cancel the Order (Refund the Deposit) 

  • Change the Order Status to Canceled - if there is a deposit on the order you will be asked to refund the payment.
  • You can refund the entire deposit refund a partial amount and keep the difference as a cancellation fee collect the cancellation fee if no deposit was made.
  • The Partial/Full Refund button will take you to the Front Register to generate the refund. 
  • Save and the order is marked as cancelled. 
  • The register close out will show a deposit refund for whatever deposits have been refunded.