Opening a Register 

There are only a few steps to open a front register. If the register is closed and you navigate to the register, the register will pop a window that you can choose from the store to which of the register to open.

Note: As MicroBiz is not installed on a specific computer (its cloud-based!) a 'register' is not tied to a specific register.  The MicroBiz 'register' being used at a computer station is the 'register' selected during the login process.  Therefore if you have multiple registers in your store, you will need to be sure to select same register east time that you log in at that station.,  Some subscribers come up with a register name to help them remember, or have even labeled the computer or cash draw with the register name.   

After selecting to which register to be used, you will see another window that will ask you to enter the starting Register Drawer Balance.  Just enter the amount in the cash till and press the 'Save' button and you will be ready to use your register.

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