Non-integrated payments offers no connection between the POS system and the payment terminal.  You will need to input the transaction total from your POS system manually into the payment terminal, and then optionally manually enter the authorization code from the terminal into the your POS system.  As a result, the set up for non-integrated payments is very basic. 

To set up non-integrated payments for a register, go to Settings >> Company/Stores >> Registers >> Select Register.   Go to the Settings tab and use the dropdown menu of the Integrated Charge field and select 'None' (as shown in the screen below).  Be sure to press the 'Save' button before existing the set up screen.

To test this setting, go to the selected front register and process a transaction, selecting Credit Card as the payment method. As there is no payment terminal device integrated with the MicroBiz system, you will be required to select the payment card type and then (optionally) manually enter the credit card authorization code into the 'Reference Code' field on the MicroBiz payment screen.

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