This feature allows you to post your vendor shipments to QuickBooks Onlne as an AP Bill (AP is Accounts Payable).

Set Up

To set up this feature, go to Settings>Integrations>QuickBooks,  open a store mapping and then go to the Set Up tab to turn on the setting post Vendor Shipments to QuickBooks.

Next, you need to map the fields in the Vendor Shipment to the approprate GL accounts in QuickBooks.  Go to the Vendor Shipments tab as displayed below.

Purchases of Inventory - This is the mapping that determines how which inventory accounts in QuickBooks will be adjusted for the cost of the items received in a Vendor Shipment.  The cost of items in a Vendor Shipment synced to QuickBooks will be mapped to inventory accounts in QuickBooks using the mapping settings in the Inventory/COGS tab in MicroBiz. Depending on the settings, the COGS of items in a vendor shipment will map to a single inventory account in QuickBooks or to category-level inventory accounts in QuickBooks.  

Vendor Shipment Shipping - This is the mapping for the 'Shipping' field at the bottom payments block in a Vendor Shipment. 

Vendor Shipment Misc -  This is the mapping for the 'Misc' field at the bottom payments block in a Vendor Shipment.

Publishing a Shipment to QuickBooks

To publish a Vendor Shipment to QuickBooks, start by receiving a Vendor Shipment and marking it Complete.  Then from the Action Menu on the right hand side of the screen, go to Action Menu>Shipment and press the green Post Shipment to QuickBooks button.

Vendor Shipment Fields

The post to QuickBooks pop-up  uses the following field values:

QuickBooks Vendor

If MicroBiz vendor is linked we use linked vendor

User can browse QuickBooks vendors and link to shipment vendor


If MicroBiz terms are linked to QuickBooks terms we use linked terms

User can browse QuickBooks terms and link to MicroBiz  terms

Bill Date

Shipment Date

Can be changed by user

Due Date

Due Date

Can be changed by user

Invoice #

Shipment Invoice #

Can be changed by user (updates shipment)


If we have linked store locations in QuickBooks we show the QuickBooks  store

User can browse QuickBooks store locations and link to MicroBiz store

Mapped Inventory Lines

We use GL account for inventory in QuickBooks mapping for inventory

Shipment lines total cost grouped on product category to get inventory mapping


Amount in shipment freight field

Can be changed by user (updates shipment)


Amount in shipment misc fiield – can be negative

Can be changed by user (updates shipment)


- To map vendors, terms, Store - you must make sure to create records in QuickBooks to match with the records in MicroBiz.

- The Invoice number field in the pop-up it to enter the invoice number provided by the vendor.  This will be mapped to a note field in the QuickBooks vendor bill record. 

Updates to QuickBooks

Vendor Bill Created -  Vendor Bill payable is created in QuickBooks for the vendor in the amount of the total of the vendor shipment.

Inventory Valuation Adjusted - Inventory valuation of the mapped asset account (or accounts if mapped by product category) is adjusted for the total cost of the items received.

Shipping and Misc Costs Expensed - The values entered in the Misc and Shipping fields at the bottom of the vendor shipment are expensed in the mapped expense GL accounts in QuickBooks.