Note: The NMI integration is only made available to the Payment Processing Partners listed on our website -  This is not to be used to connect with payment processors that do not have a formal partnership agreement with MicroBiz.  Any unauthrorized connections will be subject to termination.

Please follow this steps in order to enable the NMI integration with MicroBiz Cloud

1.- First, log onto the gateway and generate a security key for the account

2.- Go to the register you want to connect with the terminal - plugin in/power on the terminal (Ingenico's tend to be single cable connectors so dc power adapter and network cable)

3.-Connect into a single cable that fits into the back of the terminal

4. From the backend in MicroBiz, go to Settings>Store>Registers

5. Locate the register that you want to pair with the NMI payment terminal and press the 'Edit' button.

6. Go to Integrated Charge setting and select "Gateway Type 2" from the dropdown menu.

7.-In processing tab click register terminal and then enter registration key on terminal, security code you generated from gateway, terminal name will default and enter terminal serial number (ISPN on bottom of terminal)

8.- To finish click register terminal and should be done