The BlockChyp payments integration includes the ability to automatically add a 3% fee to transactions paid for with a payment card other than pin debit cards.  When a customer makes a payment with a payment card, the BlockChyp terrminal will automatically detect whether a credit card or non-pin debit card is being used, and if so, adjust the transaction amount for the 3% fee.  If a a pin debit card is used, the terminal will not add any additional fee.

To enable this, you need to contact BlockChyp and ask that they activate this feature on your BlockChyp terminal.  They will also ask you to sign a form verifying that you understand the rules and regulations of the card brands (MasterCard, Visa, Amex) for credit card surcharges or cash discount fees.

Once BlockChyp activates credit card surcharges on your account, you are reaady to accept payments subject to these fees.  

You do not need to make any change in MicroBiz.  Once its enabled by BlockChyp, MicroBiz will automatically check each transaction to see if BlockChyp returns surcharge fee, and if so, MicroBiz will add the fee to the transaction record in MicroBiz and print it on the receipt.