Common Errors

  • Formatting of numbers - Cost and price fields must be formatted as numbers. be sure not to format as text with decimals and dollar signs.

  • Translation errors between Excel and CSV formats - Saving CSV and Excel files may truncate the zero at the beginning of a SKU code or change the last six digits to zero. Be sure to save in CSV format and open in notepad if necessary, Please see following article if you need additional help.

  • Special Characters - Containing special characters in Product name, Sku, Vendor or Brand can cause multiple formatting issues during the import so make sure to avoid special symbols as "&", " ' ", ' " ', " # ".

  • Numbers being rounded to 0 for the last digits - In the Microsoft Excell, if the column format is "Number" and the number entered is more than 15 digits, Excell will round to 0 all numbers after 15th digit. To avoid this issues:

    Type a single quotation mark before you enter the number.To do this, select a blank cell, type a single quotation mark ('), and then enter the number. All digits are displayed in the cell.
    Type a single quotation mark and enter the number.
    To avoid having to type a quotation mark in every affected cell, you can format the cells as text before you enter any data.

    1. Select all the affected cells, and then press Ctrl+1 to open the Format Cells dialog box.

    2. On the Number tab, select Text from the Category list, and then select OK.

      Select Text under the Number tab in the Format Cells dialog box.