• Kits – one or more products sold under a single kit code. Sometimes called bundles. All products are sold for a single ‘kit price’
  • Kit Items – the individual products that are part of the kit or bundle.



You can have a maximum of 25 products on a kit. The Kit item quantity is not limited so you can have 25 apples and 100 oranges and so forth as part of a kit.


Items that allow fractional quantities can be added to a kit with a fractional amount so you can add .25 cubic yards of mulch for example.


Kit Items & Matrix Products – A single matrix variant (SKU) can be added as a kit item or you can choose to enter just the product base SKU which allows the user to select any variant as part of their bundle. This is useful for items that have flavors, colors, sizes and so forth. You can also restrict which variants are allowed to be selected as part of the kit. This is useful for variants that have different prices - such as when you have 5lb, 10lb and 40lb bags of a product as variants – you can limit the bundle pricing to just the 5lb bag. A warning will appear when you add such a product to the kit if the variant prices are not the same.


Kits on Register Sales & Customer Orders – when you add a kit to a register sale – you can discount the kit and change the kit quantity but the kit items cannot be changed. You can add notes to the kit items and change the line description if this is allowed by your settings.


Creating Kits – you can create a kit for 1 or more products. The kit price is treated like a markdown if its less than the sum of the selling prices of the kit items. The markdown is allocated proportionately based on the price of the kit items.


Prompt for Price Items on Kits – if you add a prompt for price item to a kit the kit price on the sale will be increased by whatever price is entered on the prompt for price item.


Non-returnable items on Kits – if any kit item it marked in the product settings as returns not allowed the kit will not be returnable. You can do an unreferenced return or exchange on the kit items.


Do not Discount Items on Kits – if any item on the kit is marked do not discount – the kit will not be discountable at the register. You can also mark the kit itself do not discount when it is comprised of all discountable items.


Special Orders on Kit Items – if you have added a kit to a customer order you can special order the kit items. Once the kit items are all in stock you can complete the order. You cannot use the special order shortcut for kit items from a register sale as this would ‘break’ the kit and it is not allowed.


Kits Referenced Returns – you can return an entire kit. If you need to return only part of a kit you need to do an un-referenced return for just the items being returned.