To create a 'Prompt for Price' item, please use the following steps:

Step One: Decide whether to create an inventory or non-inventory prompt for price item

Create either a new non-inventory or simple product record – depending on whether or not you want to track the inventory of the sample items – using the Product Type setting in the details tab of the Product Record.


Remember that once you initially save the record with the selection of this Product Type setting, the Product Type setting cannot be changed.

Step Two: Select Prompt for Price Setting


Go to the Settings tab in the Product record and select the ‘Prompt for Price’ checkbox. This will cause you to be prompted for a price every time you add this to a transaction.


This setting also cannot be changed after the record has been saved with the Prompt for Price checkbox selected.


Step Three: Add Product to a Register Transaction

This will cause the user to be prompted for a price when the item is added to a register transaction.