MicroBiz allows to bar code print tags or labels from multiple different places in pages in MicroBiz, including product records, vendor shipments, purchase orders, inventory adjustments, store transfers - and from the Manage Label Queue screen.

Printing tags from Product record

To print labels for a specific product, go yo :

1.1 You can go to the Back Office->Catalog->Products, Click Edit near the product line.

1.2 In the product settings, click the "gear" button and select "Print Price Label/Tag" Option

1.3 In the opened pop-up select the qty of the product that will be printed. You have three choices, you can print as much labels as the Open stock is, or As the On Order quantity is, or you can set up the specified quantity. When you have selected the quantity, click Next.


In the next pop-up you will be asked to select the label format(we have currently label formats for 1.25" x 1" and 2.25" x 1.25" labels)  and the Price(Print the retail price of the product or the special price if set). 

After selecting both, click Print.

2 Printing labels from Purchase Orders/ Vendor shipments

2.1You can print label for a specific product as well as for a whole Purchase order or Vendor shipment. For this purpose, go to Back Office->Inventory->Purchase Order or Vendor Shipment. Open the order. Open the Print/Email tab form the actions Menu and select "Print Price Labels" button.

 2.2 Here you will see pop-up from 1.4

3 Printing Labels from Print Queue

You can also add different single products or PO/VS products to the Print queue and then bulk print or edit the lines.

3.1 For single product, from the page on 1.1 select "Add Tag to Queue" line and for PO/VS, from page 2.1 select "Add Labels to Queue" button.

3.2 Move to Back Office->Catalog->Price Labels

In this page you will see the list of products you have added. You can print one line by checking the checkbox, selecting the format of the label and clicking Print

3.3 You can also edit a line to increase/decrease qty of printed labels. for this click on the dropdown arrow near the line, edit the quantity and click the Save button

3.4 If you want to keep the line in the queue after printing it, you would like to remove the "Remove after printed" checkbox

Available label formats

Currently MicroBiz has several available label formats that include different information:

 1.25" x 1" Product Name, Sku, Product Price

 1.25" x 1" Product Name, Product Price

 1.25" x 1" Product Name, Sku, Product Attributes, Product Price

 1.25" x 1" Product Name,Product Attributes, Product Price

 2.25" x 1.25" Product Name, Product Price, Barcode

2.25" x 1.25" Product Name, Product Price, Barcode, SKU, Product Style(if exists), Product Attributes

All this formats are designed for printers with 203 dpi resolution.


MicroBiz Cloud has a limitation on tag printers. We have worked and tested all the tag print functionality on Zebra ZD420 printers with 203 dpi resolution and we do recommend to use this model of tag printer to avoid any issues with tag print.

If you haven't set up your tag printer, please make sure to follow our help article for setting up Zebra tag printer.