The Task Scheduler in MicroBiz allows you to setup functions that the system will automatically manage.  One of these tasks is setting up the inventory/stock level sync between MicroBiz and a linked ecommerce site.  

Setting Up the WooCommerce Inventory Sync Task Scheduler

To access the Task Scheduler, go to Back Office -> Settings-> Scheduled Tasks.

To create a new task, click on the 'New Scheduled Task' button at the top right on the screen.  This will open a new task record.

Once you have started a new task record, you can fill in the following fields:

  • Task Type  - from the field, select the task type "WooCommerce Inventory Update" from the dropdown.
  • Interval - this determines how often the task will occur. Options include Day or Week.  We recommend updating your WooCommerce stock daily.  Please note that when a transaction in MicroBiz caused the open stock of the item to equal zero, MicroBiz immediately sends an updated stock message to Woo that the available stock of the item equals zero. 
  • Run Time - this field determine when the action will take place during the interval. For an auto-syncing inventory levels from MicroBiz to Woo, we recommend that the inventory sync be scheduled at or after the business day ends when the transaction volume at your store and website is low. 
  • Start Date - determines when the action should become active.
  • End Date - determines when the action should be terminated.
  • Select Woo Integration - select all the websites at your business that you want to include in the inventory sync.

As soon as all the options are set up, click Save & Continue at the top right, and that is all.  Now your inventory will be automatically synced between your website and your store(s) at the selected time.

As soon as all the filters are set up, click Save & Continue and that is all. Now the inventory will be automatically be updated to WooCommerce at the time set up in the settings.