Microbiz Cloud gives you the opportunity to send the customer shipping address on customer orders to Google Maps so that delivery drives can have the GPS directions on their phone.

Option One: Send Directions/Mapping Coordinates Directly to Phone of User Logged Into MicroBiz Cloud


1) To use this function, You can go to Front Register-> Orders->Deliver.

2) From the 'Deliver' view, you may select the lines of the orders that you want to map.

3) After this, click on the bulk actions button at the top right of the grid, and select 'Map Deliveries'.

4) This will open a new tab and redirect to Google Maps with directions from store to customer.

5) Click on the blue link in the left hand column labeled 'Send Directions to Phone'

Option Two: Send Directions/Mapping Coordinates to Email Address of Other Employees

You can also send the URL of the directions to the driver's email, where it can be used to open Google Maps with one click.

1) In the MicroBiz Orders Dashboard, select the lines that you want delivered, and use the Map Deliveries option to open a new tab showing Google Maps with the ship addresses of the orders.
2) In the Google Maps app, at the top of the page there is a box with the URL of the mapping direction in Google Maps.  Double click on the URL and then right click to copy this URL
3) Open an email addressed to the driver and paste the URL, then send.
4) When the driver opens this email on their phone and clicks on the URL, Google Maps will open on their phone with the GPS coordinates of the deliveries.


Double click on the URL at the top of the screen, right click to copy and send to the email of the driver responsible for these shipments.  This URL can contain the addresses of multiple orders.

When your driver clicks on the URL link sent to him/her on a mobile phone, the phone will open Google Maps and display the GPS coordinate/directions for the order(s).