Customers must exist or be created to save a store credit on import. 

To create a new customer on import you must provide a customer name in addition to the customer id. 

You must also set Unmatched Values to ‘Create Missing Item. If the customer name is omitted then the customer id must be matched.

You can select any customer id when importing store credits.

Generally, this will be the customer id from your previous POS system.  

Important: Do not modify the template in any way, such as adding/deleting columns, changing the column headings, or changing the format from CSV.

The following chart provides more information on the import fields:  

Required Y/N
Default Values
Allowed Values
Max Length 
Store Credit NumberY
30If you are using Excel to view and save your CSV file, it is very important to format numerical IDs as a 'Number' with no decimals.  
Customer ID
MicroBiz Customer ID or Alternate IDExample of MicroBiz Customer ID would be 'CUS-17'
Store ID (Store Short Name)Y

Use the store 'Short Name'.  Example: 'Main'
Current BalanceY
Numeric Values 2 maximumNULL =0, no Negatives and no currency symbols allowed
Original ValueN

Numeric Values 2 maximum

Issue DateN

Expiration DateN

Customer NameN
ascii DEC 32-126