Customer Display feature allows you to display transaction information to your customers including Transaction item/s, discounts, tax and the total of the sale.


Before connecting the customer display device to MicroBiz, please make sure that the device is connected to the electricity and properly and plugged in to your Personal Computer through USB, HDMI or any. You can check the device is connected to your PC, by opening the device manager, as show in the screenshot below.

Once you have connected the monitor device, from the Back office navigate to Settings Category>> Store section>> Registers>> select Register, change the "customer display post" option to " LCD Display", as shown in the below screenshot.

After you made the change, there are several settings which you can edit, such as:

  • Customer Display Welcome Message
  • Customer Display Thank you Title
  • Customer Display Thank you Message
  • Customer Display Transaction Message 1
  • Customer Display Transaction Message 2

Save the changes that you have made by clicking on the "Save" button.

The next step can be done by heading to the Front Register screen, as soon as you open the Front Register screen, you will see a new window tab which looks as the following:

Finally, drag the given page to the monitor device screen. You can check the below link which includes step by step guide to set up a customer display feature in MicroBiz: Customer Display Monitor Device