Distributor Setting a vendor as a distributor indicates that PO and supplier shipments for this supplier/vendor can contain any SKU regardless of main supplier designation.


Steps to illustrate how the 'Treat Vendor as a Distributor'  works.

First, to be able to apply the "Treat Vendor as a Distributor" feature, we should create a vendor

(From Catalog>> Vendors>>"Add New" >> Fill the required fields), or if there is an already existing Vendor, navigate to the "Settings" tab and check on the "Treat Vendor as a Distributor" check box for the vendor as shown in the below screen .

Once you have checked the box, you should save the changes that were made by clicking on Save & continue/ Save & Exit.

Next, As you can see in the below screen the following vendor has only a single product.

Second, we need to make a PO/ or Vendor Shipments.

To check more about Supplier shipments/ Purchase orders- click here.

Once we have filled the required fields, as you see in the screen below, we have selected the same vendor.

Also if we navigate to the "Advanced Search", we can see that the following vendor has only a single item (as mentioned previously), we can add the item by checking on the item and then clicking on "Add to shipment".

Additionally, if we want to add the other items which the vendor is  not exactly, the product owner, but as a distributor.

The following can be done by entering the product name in the search bar.