The attached template can be used to import beginning stock levels into MicroBiz Cloud v2.0.  

This template is to be used only for the the initial import of initial or beginning quantities of Open Stock, and should not be use for the import of adjustments or replacements of existing stock levels.  This process can only be done one time.  Corrections or updates will need to be made via and Inventory Update or Inventory Adjustment import, or manual updates in the Inventory tab of the Product record. 

To import data into MicroBiz Cloud, download the attached CSV file, enter or cut/paste information from an inventory count or your current POS system into the spreadsheet and then import as a CSV file into MicroBiz Cloud using the file import wizard (see Settings>Imports).  If you need additional help, review the article titles Importing Simple Products via CSV File.

Important: Do not modify the template in any way, such as adding/deleting columns, changing the column headings or changing the format from CSV.

The following chart provides more information on the import fields:  


FieldRequired?Default ValuesAllowed ValuesMax LengthNotes


15Enter the store number (not the Store tax ID).  This can be found at Settings>Store in the Store Number field in the store record.
Open StockY
0.01 -> 999999999999Note: Stock should be entered as an integer (i.e. 1 or 10) unless the product is set to 'Allow Sale in Fractional Quantities'.
Average CostN

Common Issues

  • Using Store Name instead of the Store Number - Use of the short or full store name will cause the import to fail. 
  • Using the Store ID instead of the Store Number -  Be sure to use the Store Number, which is a field in the Store Record.  Do not use the Store ID, which is listed on the Manage Stores summary page. The Store Number and Store ID are not necessarily the same.