The attached template can be used to update or adjust current open stock levels in MicroBiz Cloud v2.0.  

The adjust stock levels import can be used to add or remove items from current stock.


Current Open Stock: 7

Adjustment: 4

New Open Stock 11 

To import data into MicroBiz Cloud, download the attached CSV file, enter or cut/paste information into the spreadsheet.

Note: The Adjust Stock Levels template is imported via the Inventory Adjustment screen (Inventory>Inventory Adjustment) and not as Product Import (Settings>Imports>Product Imports).


Step-by-Step Inventory Adjustment Import Process

To use the Adjust Stock Levels:

1) Go to the Inventory Adjustment grid (Inventory>Inventory Adjustment) and create a new Inventory Adjustment using the button at the top right corner of the page

2) Select the store where the stock will be adjusted

3) Select an Adjustment Reason

4) Using the Action Menu to the right, go to Items and select 'Import Items'.  (see image below)


5) Chose 'Create Adjustment Import' from the dropdown and then press the 'Select File' button.  This will allow you to select the adjustment CSV import file.

6)  After CSV import file is selected, you will be shown a preview of the first line of the adjustment (see image below).

7) Once you have reviewed it, press the 'Finalize' button and the adjustment data will be imported into the draft Inventory Adjustment.  You may then make further adjustments in the Inventory Adjustment document,

8) To finalize the adjustment and adjust the stock, update the status of the Inventory from Draft to Complete and your stock levels will be adjusted. 

Inventory Adjustment CSV Template

To download the template, go to Settings>Imports>Product Imports and use the links on the right portion of the page to select 'Download Adjust Stock Level CSV Template'.

Important: Do not modify the template in any way, such as adding/deleting columns, changing the column headings or changing the format from CSV.

The following chart provides more information on the import fields:  


FieldRequired?Default ValuesAllowed ValuesMax LengthNotes


15Must be store number or store short name.   Example: '01' or 'Main'.  Please see Settings>Store for this information.
Inventory AdjustmentY
-999999999999  to 999999999999

Common Issues:

  • Store Name field- Using store long name instead of short name or store number.
  • Where to Start Stock Adjustment - There can be a misunderstanding on where to import the Stock Adjustment.  While Beginning Stock Balance and Stock Updates use the standard CSV import process (Setting>Imports>Product Imports), the Stock Adjustment process uses the Inventory Adjustment records (Inventory>Inventory Adjustments.
  • Stock Adjustment vs Stock Update - A Stock Adjustment adds the stock number in the spreadsheet/CSV file to the existing open stock level to arrive at a new adjusted stock level. A Stock Update will overwrite the existing open stock level with the stock level in the spreadsheet.