The attached template can be used to update or adjust current open stock levels in MicroBiz Cloud v2.0.  

The adjust stock levels import can be used to add or remove items from current stock.


Current Open Stock: 7

Adjustment: 4

New Open Stock 11 

To import data into MicroBiz Cloud, download the attached CSV file, enter or cut/paste information into the spreadsheet and then import as a CSV file into MicroBiz Cloud using the file import wizard (see Settings>Imports).  If you need additional help, review the article titles Importing Simple Products via CSV File.

Important: Do not modify the template in any way, such as adding/deleting columns, changing the column headings or changing the format from CSV.

The following chart provides more information on the import fields:  


FieldRequired?Default ValuesAllowed ValuesMax LengthNotes


15Can be store number or store short name.   Example: '01' or 'Main'
Inventory Adjustment
-999999999999  to 999999999999

Common Issues: