Once you receive additional stock from your suppliers, backordered and special ordered Items can have stock allocated to the specific order so the order is ready to ship or pick up. There are 2 methods, one for generic back orders and a second for special orders.


To allocate stock on an order containing back orders open the order and click Check Backorders button in the Action Menu. Any back ordered items for which open stock is now available will have the order stock updated from back ordered to committed and open stock (and back orders) will be reduced. Note: Special Orders cannot be updated using this method. You must receive the special order PO using a vendor shipment – or complete the inter-store transfer. At which point stock will automatically allocate for the customer order. If you wish to fill a special order from open stock – cancel the back order, then use the Check Backorders button from the customer order action menu.


To allocate stock on special orders on vendor orders – open the completed vendor shipment and click on the special orders view. Select the special orders and click on the allocate stock button. The special order and customer order will be automatically updated with the order line updated from backordered to committed, open stock and back orders will be reduced and the special order status will be changed to ready or in progress depending on dialogue settings.



Note if you use the Customer Order “Allocate Stock” button on an order line with a requested special order the special order will get canceled as it is no longer required. If the special order is ordered’ (on a vendor order or transfer) then the special order is canceled but the vendor order or transfer is not changed.