Generating Statements :

Credit Account Statements can be created from the Manage Accounts grid or from the customer record on the Credit Account tab. Manage Accounts grid will allow you to select more than one account so you can generate multiple statements.

 Statements can be printed or emailed to customers. Customers must have an email address in the customer record in order to email the statement.



To generate statements enter an activity begin and end date and a statement date and click the Print button. 


Amount Due will reflect all payments, purchases, credits and service charges on or before the Activity End Date.

Include Zero balance Statements will show statements with zero balance


Show Purchase Details will show product name and quantity of customer's purchases

Statement Date will affect what aging bucket activity is placed in.


Key Concept: The Transaction date determines whether a transaction is included in the amount due. the payment due date on purchases determines its aging bucket.


The statement is divided into 2 main sections: account activity and balance aging.

Account Activity shows all purchases, payments, credits and service charges whose transaction date is between the Activity Begin Date and Activity End Date. Note that this section shows the transaction date and not the payment due date for new purchases.