The transfer module moves stock from one store to another. Stock may only be transferred from brick and mortar stores and warehouse locations in MicroBiz. Stock may be transferred to real and virtual stores, the latter case is used for fulfillment of web orders. 

Basic Steps  Transfer

  • From  Inventory Tab >> Store Transfers >> + New Transfer
  • Select from which Store you want to transfer the products and also the store which the products will be transferred.  
  • Set both From Store Actions and To Store Actions, here you can select on how the transfer action will be done (Shipping, Pickup etc..)
  • Add Items scan or  search for items and add them to the transfer.
  • Print transfer if you like to include with goods. from Action menu>>Print/Email 
  • Save as Complete - stock is moved from from store inventory to to store inventory.
  • Physically get the goods over to the to store.


Both the transfer from store and transfer to store have actions that can be set by the user. The defaults are


From Store

To Store
Ship to StoreTo Stock


Meaning the from store should send the goods to the to store and the to store should put them on the shelf so customers can buy them. Seems a little obvious. But there are other combinations of actions that provide some work flows you may find useful.

From Store

To Store

When to Use these Options
Ship to StoreTo StockRestocking from warehouse or another store
Hold for Pickupn/aCustomer bought the product at the to store and is coming to the from store to pick it up. The transfer replaces the stock sold at to store.
Ship to Customern/aCustomer bought the product at the to store and wants you to send it to the customer by USPS or UPS or some other means. The transfer replaces the stock sold at to store. The customer name and ship to address can be placed in the transfer notes.
Ship to StoreHold for PickupCustomer bought this from some other store or on line and the to store is the most convenient location for them to pick it up. Do not place the item in stock set it aside the customer will call for it.
Ship to StoreShip to CustomerItem was not in stock in the to store which is acting as a central shipping location, warehouse or order consolidation point and the goods are being moved so orders can be filled and shipped.


  • Draft status does not move any inventory. Use this as you pick items at the from store or work on which items to send.
  • Complete - this completes the stock move into open stock in the to store. Used in a 1 step transfer to immediately change ownership of the stock being transferred.


  • Add Items to Transfer - Useful if you want to restock a busy store from a warehouse or another location this feature will add items to your transfer that you sold or that are below the restock limit. 
  • Set quantity of selected lines - use this tool to set any number of selected items to a specific quantity, a reorder amount or replace sales for a given period. 
  • Copy Transfer - make a copy of a transfer this can be useful when you want to transfer the same things to multiple stores. 

User Scope & Transfers

Users have scope. Meaning each user defined in MicroBiz Cloud has a list of valid stores. This scope will restrict the user from moving inventory or selling inventory in stores that are not in their scope. So if your scope is store 1 & 2 you cannot receive a supplier shipment in store 3 or log into a store 3 register. In the context of Transfers if from store is not in your scope you can still create a draft transfer from an out of scope store   

Settings that Affect Transfers

  • You must have at least 2 licensed stores to see the Interstore Transfers menu option on the Inventory Menu.
  • Your Employee role must have access to the transfers module.

Using a CSV File to Import Items for Transfer

Upon creating a new Interstore Transfer and selecting your "From" and "To" locations, proceed to the "Automation" tab which is in the action menu panel and there will be an "Import CSV" button as shown below.