A delete button is now available in inventory adjustments to undo any changes that may have been accidentally input into the system. Deleting an adjustment will revert all inventory movements and remove the transaction from any items involved.

For deleting and adjustment navigate to 
"Inventory" > "Inventory Adj's" > "Adjustments to Inventory" as shown below.

Find the adjustment you want to delete and click on the following icon "". two options will appear Edit and Delete, click on the "Delete" button.

Note* This may take some time before deleting the adjustment, depending on how big is the data of that adjustment.

Note* You can not delete a completed Inventory Adjustment. However you can undo the completed adjustment by creating a new inventory adjustment, there are two cases here. 

First, If the completed adjustment was to add stock to your inventory. in this case, you can create a new inventory adjustment and choose the reduce Stock (-) option and you can add "Item Note" for future references.

To illustrate this further, I have created an inventory adjustment("Add Stock +" ) on a single item, and the adjustment is marked as completed as shown in the below example.

To be able to undo our previously created inventory adjustment which is marked as completed.

We create a new inventory adjustment, from Inventory>>Inventory Adj's >> New Adjustment.

Next, we select Adj's Reason as "Reduce Stock".

Once you have added the item, you can select it by checking on the tick box and then clicking the item note from the Action menu>> Item.

After you have made the important changes, click on the "Mark Complete" button to apply the changes and the "Save & Exit/ Save & continue.

As shown in the screenshot below.

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