• From Inventory >> Vendor Shipments>> click "Vendor Shipment" as shown in screen below.

  • Enter Vendor- only items from this supplier will be available to add to this shipment. The exception is for suppliers that are distributors or for items with listed alternate suppliers.
  • Select Order Store - this shipment will be added to this stores inventory
  • Other information - you can change the date the shipment arrived (not into the future just the past) and set the packing slip and invoice number if they are known. These fields can help you match shipments to invoices and will be used if you integrate your supplier shipments to an accounting program.
  • Notes provides a place for receiving staff to indicate problems or special notes - Purchase Order notes will also show here so that the buyers intentions on certain orders can be communicated to receiving staff.
  • Scan or enter items using SKU, Item Name, ID, alternate ID or you can Add multiple Items by using Advanced search.

  • In the find item dialogue multiple items can be selected at the same time helping you quickly add existing items to the shipment. Once you have selected items, click on "+ Add Shipment".
  • Use Save as Draft to indicate 'you are not done' - this save saves your work but does not update the inventory yet. 
  •  set the Shipment Status to Completed and Mark as Completed when you are finished receiving the shipment. Your inventory will be updated.

Adding Items to Vendor Shipments:

  • You can scan, enter any id or search and select items to add to your shipment.
  • You can also use the tools to add items that have recently sold or are below their reorder point.

Setting Line Quantities:
  • Set selected lines to 'exactly' any value so all lines can be set to a quantity of 6 or 12 and so on.
  • Set selected lines to reorder quantity.
  • Set line quantity the same as recent sales.

Other Ways of Doing This:

  • You can book a shipment against a Supplier Purchase Order (see creating purchase Orders)
  • New items can have a beginning balance and cost set on the inventory tab.
  • Items can be adjusted into inventory as well.