A summary of the limitations and restrictions on which features each Employee Role has access.


To be able to restrict a certain type of Employee Role from offering discounts, go to Settings Tab>> Employee Section>>Click on "Employees Roles".  (See the screenshot below).

In this example, we will show you on how to restrict a Junior Cashier employee from offering discounts from the front register screen.

Once we are in the Employee Roles screen, click on the "Edit" button for Junior Cashier Employee Role, that is located in the Action Column.

    Next, we select the Front Register tab, then by removing the check box from the "Apply Discounts" option and Save the changes by clicking on "Save & Continue/ Save & Exit", as show in the below screen.

Now, the Junior Cashier will not be displayed the discount feature from the Front Register>> Action Menu, to  illustrate this. Here is the front register screen regarding the Junior Cashier.