The "Store Credit" can be created when doing a return.

A valid customer is required on the receipt when generating a "Store Credit" as a refund.

Which It will not be possible to create "Store Credit" by refund for the "walk in customer".

The following Steps are for creating Credit Store for a valid customer:

  • Return a Sale or an item which is included in your current transaction
  • Click on Refund button, which will appear instead of the "Pay" button.
  • After clicking on "Refund" button a pop up window will appear, click on "Store Credit".

  • A new window will appear from where you can enter the amount which you want to be applied  on "Store Credit", after click "Apply to Transaction".

Now, you have just created a Store Credit for the valid customer, to be able to see the same customer, how much amount which they have in their Store Credit, you can navigate from Customer>>Select Customer>>Store Credits Tab.

Creating a Sale With Store Credit Payment Method:


To be able to pay a sale with store credit, it is necessary to add a valid customer to your Sale, which also they  have Store Credit amount.

During Sale Process, after Clicking on "Pay" button, Payment methods window will appear.

From here you can select Store Credit option as shown in the screen below:

Once you have clicked on Store Credit option, another Window will pop-up Select which Store credit, you want to apply for the transaction, if the customer has more than one, Then click "OK"

After this process, Enter the amount which you want to apply for the made transaction.