Customer Pricing can be beneficial, to focus promotions on a specific group of customers. Or target them for special pricing using the Customer Pricing feature.You don't need to use this flexibility - you can set all your customers to 'store' or 'default' if you wish. Having a customer type means you can limit special sale prices to specific customer types.But here are some of the things you can do with the Customer Type feature.

here are the following steps to be able  to set special pricing for a certain Customer Group:

First step is to create a new customer group, (if you have already have created a customer group please skip this step).

From home screen navigate to Customer >>Groups>> click "+Add New".

once you have filled in the Pricing Group Name field, please click on save button, to be able to go to the next "Pricing" tab.

In the Pricing tab you can modify(Enable/Disable) on which categories you want the pricing group customer be applied, after making changes click on close button, and head to an exact customer you want to include in the current customer group. Please see the article to for further details (Create and Edit Customers).

Second Step, is to set a customer group price for an exact product by navigating  Catalog>>Products>> Product>>Prices tab>> Customer Pricing.

Once you have clicked on Edit button, it will appear a window tab as the screen below.

Fill in the required fields Discount Type, Discount Percent, Discount Basis and Rounding Rule and click "yes".

To be able to apply the changes that you have made, you should click on Save.