There is no rental module or even rental items in MicroBiz Cloud but if rentals are only a small part of your business you might be able to handle them with this simple method using the Work Orders Module.


  • Before you begin set up some non-inventory items to handle your various rental rates, fees and late charges. For instance you might have surf board hourly rental, wakeboard rental, skim board rental and so forth. Set the per unit (hour, day, minute) rate for the item. Add any other misc charges such as cleaning, assembly pickup/delivery or late fees you might charge.
  • To rent or reserve an item start a new work order and set the expected date if its a reservation, add the customer and use the 'check in customer item' to record the serial number of the item being rented (if you like) and the clock out time. Add the rental charge item (e.g. wakeboard daily rental). 
  • You can use the deposit function to take a deposit on the rental.
  • When the item is returned enter the time as the qty for the rental charge item

Other Ways of Doing This

  • Just sell the customer the rental fee item when they bring the item back and keep track of the items using a paper or other system.

Settings That Affect This

  • Settings Category>> Advanced Settings>> Order Settings Section>>Minimum order deposit (%).