MicroBiz Cloud allows you to change and switch the user that is working on the Register Screen. You can also assign the user to another register.

The following feature makes it easier to be able to change cashiers without having to logout of the system each time.

Switching User:


The Switch User feature can be found both  in the "Front Register" under  "Action Menu"  in the "Register" section, and at the top of your screen>> username >>switch users option.

  1.   After you have clicked on 'Switch user' option, a window pop-up must appear, as the attached screenshot below.

Next, you should be able to enter the username accordingly, after you have filled the username field, click on "Continue" button, the password field will be displayed, Please enter the correct password.

Finally, by submitting user credentials it will be switching to the new user account.

Switching Registers:


  • to be able to switch registers from front register station, navigate from  "Action Menu">>Register section>>click on "Release Register", as its displayed in the screen below:

  • After clicking on Release Register, the following window must appear, select the appropriate store and after this it will be displayed the registers (in-use, available) for that exact store, select the register that you want to switch and use, then click on "ok".