Removing a payment type from a transaction that is in the process or on hold position.

Here are the full steps to be able to do the following:

After you have done all the steps of selecting the proper items to be sold and you have clicked on Pay button this will navigate you to the payment screen, you can choose multiple payment types on a single transaction, Please have a look at the screenshot below.

In the previous screen as displayed we have selected three types of payment methods and there has been a mistake selecting one of them, you can remove the unwanted payment method type by clicking on the

 icon that is placed next to the payment method.

After you have clicked on the icon, the unwanted payment method will be removed as you can see from the screen shot below that is displayed.

Now that the payment method is removed from the sale(in this example is the 'Check' payment method ), we need to add on the proper payment method additional payments, so that we can complete the sale.

After you have added the proper amount of your current sale, hit on the "Done" button, to be able to complete the sale.

*note: you can not remove a payment method and replace it with another type on a completed sale. However you can return the transaction and create a new one with the proper payment method.