This module represents on how to print a gift receipt after completing a sale/transaction.


  • Finalize the sale by completing the payment with the chosen payment type.
  • After the payment is finished for the sale, from the Front Register station, click on  Icon that is displayed at the top-right of your screen.
  • Find the receipt that you want to print as a gift Receipt, and Click or touch on the following icon, , to be able to Expand the Sales information that you want to gift receipt for. Please see the screenshot below.

  • Now that you have clicked on the proper arrow icon, it will be displayed several options for the transaction including Gift Receipt, Please click on the "Gift Receipt" button.

  • printing window will be displayed on your screen, click on "Print"  button, now you just printed your first Gift Receipt!

*Note: A gift receipt can only be generated once the receipt has been paid for and saved.