The cash drawer is controlled by the receipt printer driver. When a receipt is printed, the printer sends a message to the cash drawer telling it to open.  

When setting up the Star printer drivers, be sure to log out of the register and close your browser first.  This applies to both USB and Serial connections. 

Windows PC Set Up with a Star TSP 100 / 143 

  • From the Windows Start Menu or Control Panel, go to 'Devices & Printers'. 
  • Right click on your printer icon and click 'Properties'
  • Click on 'Device Settings' tab
  • Set 'Cash Drawer 1' to 'Open Before Printing'
  • Click 'OK' 

If you don't have a Cash Drawer 1 option...

  • Set Peripheral Unit Type to 'Cash Drawer'
  • Click 'OK'

For newer TSP printers you will have different settings

Other Settings

Other default settings:

Peripheral Unit 1:    Document Top

Cash Drawer 1 - Pulse Width:    200 milliseconds

Buzzer 1 - On Time :   20 milliseconds

Buzzer 1 - Off Time:    20 milliseconds

Buzzer 1 - Repeat :   1

iMac OSX Desktop Set Up With a Star TSP 100 / 143

  • Open a browser in a new window and type in 'http://localhost:631/printers/'
  • Select your printer model
  • From the top dropdown menu select 'Set Default Options'
  • Set 'Cash Drawer Control' to 'Open Drawer 1'
  • Click 'Set Default Options'

Note: If at Step 1 you see "Web Interface is currently disabled", try the following: 

  • From iMac Application Launcher >> Other >> Terminal
  • Type 'cupsctl WebInterface=yes'
  • Close the terminal and try step 1 again