Before You Begin

  • You'll need the Mac OSX printer driver for the Star tsp series. Insert CD that came with the printer or download the driver
  • You'll need the admin password for this Mac
  • Register should be set for Browser Print Mode in System >>  Manage Registers
  • Details instructions on installing the driver are included on the CD that came with the printer in the mac folder. A copy is attached to this page as well for download common_tsp_mac_en.pdf

Installation Steps

1. Install the Star TSP Driver for iMac

  • Double click the zip file 
  • Click on Mac and CUPS directories
  • Double click the starcupsdrv.. zip file
  • It will unzip and open a finder window containing the unzipped starcups folder
  • Open the folder and go to the driver folder
  • Double click the starcups package (pkg) file
  • This kicks off the install ..continue,continue,install
  • Enter the admin password and click OK
  • Close
2. Plugin the USB cable and power on the printer

  • Drop in printer paper and close lid all teh way (error light will go off when lid is fully closed)
  • Connect USB cable between printer and iMac
  • Plugin power cable turn on printer
3. iMac Settings >> Printers and Devices
  • You should see your printer!
4. Fiddle with Settings & Save Them
  • Print a receipt from MicroBiz Front Register - reprint is an easy way to skip ringing a test receipt
  • When the browser print preview comes up click Print Using System Dialogue
  • Set Paper Size 72mm x 90mm
  • Click combo that says layout to switch to printer features and set Page Type = variable length
  • Select Feature Set combo and switch to cash drawer to set cash drawer 1 to open (See below)
  • Presets save your current settings as MicroBiz Receipt
5. Update Settings in CUPS
  • Open a browser window
  • Go to http://localhost:631/printers
  • Select the TSP printer
  • Administration >> Set Default Options
  • Click on Cash Drawer Control (what a nice menu iMac!)
  • Mine said Cash Drawer:Change to open cash drawer 1
  • Click Set Default Options >> it will ask for your login user/password for the iMac
  • Close the browser