Getting your new Star TSP100/143 Printer to work just right takes a few steps. 

Before you plug in your printer device to your PC, first you have to install the Software from the following link:

  • Select "Thermal" for Product Type
  • Select "TSP100" for Printer Family
  • Select "TSP100ECO" for Printer Model(you can select other printer model if you have different device).
  • Select "Windows 10/8/7/Vista/ XP" for Operating System.

As shown in the above screen, it will displayed Recommended Drivers for previous selected fields, now click on "TSP 100 futurePRNT software", this will lead you another tab Please choose the futurePRNT V7.4 Lite (283MB) driver.

Note that it will take up to 10 minutes for the file to be downloaded into your computer.

Extract  "futurePRNt V7.4 Lite" file, and run the installer for your  32 or 64-bit OS. Click Next through all the install prompts. 

Once the installation is complete, you can now plug in your printer and turn on the printer device, your computer now should be able to recognize it. If it doesn't, please  navigate to your "Control Panel">"Hardware and Sound">"Devices and Printers" that the TSP143 appears as shown below. For Mac Users, this will show in System Preferences >> Printers & Scanners (iMac OSX).

  • If you right click on the printer and click on Printer Properties/Settings you'll need to set it up as shown below.
    • The printer is set to default.
    • The paper size reflects your correct receipt paper size (we don't send any printer control commands so the defaults must be correct). Note: the printer size can set in more than 1 place in the printer settings. The image below reflects the most common settings and receipt printer paper size settings.

  • If there is a cash drawer attached check the printer properties for an open drawer command setting and make sure its configured to send the open drawer on before print.
  • 'Apply' or 'Save' to record your changes.
  • Go to Chrome on any page and type ctrl-p to print - the print preview should display the current page. Select your printer in the print dialogue and
    • Set Destination to be your printer
    • The preview of the printout should now reflect the correct receipt size. (Tall and skinny for a 40 column receipt). If it doesn't you've got to go back to the printer properties paper size.
    • Margins to Minimum
    • Uncheck Options: headers and background images
  • You should be ready to go .. When you complete a receipt you should get a print at the end when its saving - click print and you should get your receipt. 

Common Issues

Occasionally, Google Chrome will not pickup on your default receipt printer paper size settings and you will have to set it to the proper receipt paper size one time in the browser when printing.  To do this in Chrome, you hit the "More Settings" button in the print preview and select the correct paper size.  The below screenshot will allow for you to have a little more guidance.

Note: Ensure that "Headers and Footers" located above is not selected as it will cause printing issues such as shooting out 6 feet of paper per print.

Older Printer Model Settings

If you have an older TSP100 series printer you may slightly different settings. If you see a setting called Cash Drawer 1 set it to Open Before Printing. Paper Size settings should look the same.

Star Micronics TSP143 USB (Windows Only)

  • Right Click Printer in Printers Control Panel
  • Click Printing Preferences

  • Click Advanced button (bottom of panel)

  • Paper Size : 72mm x Receipt or 51mm x Receipt
  • Click OK

  • Right Click Printer in Printers Control Panel
  • Click Printer Properties 

  • Click Device Settings Tab

  • Set FRICTION to 72mm x Receipt or 51mm x Receipt
  • Set Peripheral Unit Type to Cash Drawer
  • Set Peripheral Unit 1 to Document Top
  • Click Apply and OK

That should do it - but you will probably have to exit your browser and restart it for it to pick up the settings as the default for this printer.