Creating New Payment Card Types 

When using MicroBiz Cloud with non-integrated payments, you have the ability to chose which card types appear as options when you press the blue 'Credit Card' button on the Tender screen.

To add new Payment Card Type navigate to Settings>>Sales and click on  'Payment Card Types'.  You will see table grid showing all the available payment types.

From there Click on 'Add New', fill in the appropriate fields and click on 'Save' button.

To edit already existing card type, simply click on the line of desired card type, and it will switch to edit mode and allow you to make change.  Don't forget to click on the orange 'Save' button at the top right after making changes on the card type.

To make a Card Type Archived/Inactive, just click on the 'Archive' button that is located in the Action column.

If you ever change your mind and you want to reuse the card type that you have archived but do not see the line in the grid, its probably because the grid is set to hide archived lines.  To display archived card types. just click on the 'Status' button, select the 'Archived' option and click on the 'Filter' button.  All the archived Card types will now be shown.

Once you create a New Card Type and confirm that its set as Active, it will automatically will be added to the front register on credit card payment screen used for non-integrated payments.