What are custom payment/tender types?

MicroBiz Cloud allows you modify and customize the tender types shown on the Register Tender Screen. You can change the name/label of the buttons, or add a new payment button.  

How do I add/edit payment types?

First you will need to create your new payment method. To do this go to Settings >> Sales Column >> Register Payment Methods.

Then, click on 'New Payment Method'.


Once you fill in the two required fields (Name and Display Name), click the 'Save' button.

Next, you have to add the new payment option that you just created to your Tender Screen on your register. Go to Settings>>Company/Store>>Register and select the 'Edit' icon of Register that you would like to modify.   

Then, simply select the checkbox of the new payment option that you would like to appear on your tender screen, and press 'Save'.

To test, ring up a transaction using the register you just changed  - and you'll be able to select the new payment method that you just created. 

To add this new Payment Type to all your registers, you'll have to change all of the registers individually for the new payment method.