Return an Item


  • from the Front-Register, Click on the Sales Button that is located o top-right of your screen.
  • Scan the barcode at the bottom of he receipt being returned, or search the transaction.
  • after you found your transaction, Click on the Arrow button rfgve that's located in the "Receipt #" Column.
  • Select the item/items that you want to return and Click on the Return Items button.

  • Click/Touch the 'Refund' button if you are done or add additional items to the transaction if the customer wishes to purchase something. 
  • When refunding the customers purchase you will be given a choice of the original payment type (cash,check) and store credit. If the customer paid by check and the the register batch of the original transaction is still open MicroBiz will ask if you still have the original check to return.
  • choose your Payment method, Click "Ok"
  • hit the "Done" button.

Settings That Affect This

  • Settings>> System >> General Settings menu:Advanced Settings>>Register Settings
    • Refunds - Store Credit Only  - allows the clerk to refund  transactions with Store Credit only to allow refunding with cash choose "no"
    • Allow Unreferenced Returns  - allows the clerk to perform a simple return.

  • FAQ
  • Can I return a sale from another store - Yes!
  • Can I add mix sales and returns on the same transaction - Yes!
  • Can I return a Web Sale - Yes but you can't look it up in the transaction search. Use the Simple Return/Exchange function for this.
  • How do I refund a sale that was a split tender - don't worry the Payment Panel will walk you through the process showing you which payment types you are allowed and the max you can refund for that payment type.