Creating a Matrix Product

Why do I want to make a matrix product?

matrix products are used when a customer has choices when they buy the product and when you want to track inventory for those choices. Example: if you have a polo shirt in your store that comes in sizes small, medium and large and you want to track how many you have in stock in each size - you want to use a configurable product.

How to Create a matrix Product

These are the basic steps. You will want to create configurable attributes before you begin. These are lists of size, sub-size, color and other options that make up your customer's choices for the matrix product.

From Catalog>>  Products >> Click on  Add New button

  1. Enter your product unique name
  2. Select your product type Matrix product
  3. Enter needed SKU for the product
  4. fill in Retail price

  5. Complete the New Product by entering a vendor, Brand and so forth(optional).
  6. Click Save - the Configurable product is saved.
  7. now we have to complete matrix setup for our simple items, from "Matrix SKUs" menu.
  8. Select what type of Matrix that you want to create, (in this example will choose one attribute matrix).
  9. choose your attribute Role whether it is size, color or other, then Select an attribute list.
  10. after selecting needed Matrix SKUs, click on the save button, and you just created your first matrix product!

Things to Note

  • Simple Variants are assigned SKUs automatically but you can change these in the Configurable items - Alternate IDs tab. You can also enter manufacturer UPCs on this screen for all simple variants as well.
  • We automatically add the variant attribute options to the simple variant product description. So Nike Polo becomes Nike Polo-Small-Red and so forth.
  • If your variants have different prices be sure to change the store price and web price for the simple variants.