There are three ways to delete products.

1. After opening the item that you want to delete, Click on

"More Options" >> "Delete Product" from the right corner buttons and confirm it.

2. The second way is just by going to the products section and deleting a single product by clicking on the arrow next to edit option for that exact product.

3. The Third method is preferable to use, If you want to delete bunch of products simultaneously. Select the items that you want to delete and from "Actions" drop down list please select "Delete".

Note that this feature isn't available for now in the new version of the cloud

Once you’ve clicked "Submit" button a popup box will appear asking you what to do with "Linked Magento SKU" and confirm your decision to delete the item. 

Make an Item Active or Inactive:

After opening the item navigate to "Settings" from the menu check box "Product Enabled (Active)"  (this is default mode), uncheck if you want the item become inactive. 

Once you uncheck the option, the given item will become inactive/Archived and not visible in the product list. Don't forget to Save changes.

Setting up a field to display Inactive items
Follow the steps to finding inactive Items in MicroBiz

"Catalog" >> "Products"
  • From "Setting logo" button choose  "Manage Table Columns"
  • Check "Status" field and click "Save"
  • Change the "Status" field filter to show "Archived" items
  • Click on "Filter" the  page will refresh