POS Customer Types provide a way to focus promotions on a specific group of customers. Or target them for special pricing using the Customer Pricing feature.You don't need to use this flexibility - you can set all your customers to 'store' or 'default' if you wish. Having a customer type means you can limit special sale prices to specific customer types.But here are some of the things you can do with the Customer Type feature. 

  • Set a specific customer type for local college students, faculty or staff.
  • Set specific customer type for the default 'Walk In Customer' - this is the customer assigned when no customer information is given - so you can omit this customer from special ales and promotions you wish to give to your loyal repeat customers.
  • Set a specific customer type for local sports league members, players, coaches or sponsors to provide better pricing for a large loyal group of customers.
  • Set a specific customer type for museum members, garden club members, loyalty program members.
  • Set a specific customer type for Facebook friends or other social media affiliations.

Then when you define sale prices in the promotions module select the customer types you want to qualify for the sale price. Then let your customers know there are special sale prices just for them!

Settings That Affect This 

  • Manage Product Do not discount setting prevents items from being placed on promotion or discounted at the Front Register.

  • Settings >> Advanced Settings>>  Customer Settings>>Default Customer Pricing Group controls which customer type is assigned by default to new customers created in MicroBizRM.