Create and Edit Customer

Customers can be created with very little information - just a first and last name really but of course that doesn't have a lot of benefit to you or your customer. Adding emails allows you to send receipts via email, and special promotional information. Adding addresses let you report on where you customers come. POS Customer Group provides you a way to target promotional pricing to specific groups of loyal customers such a social media friends and followers, sports league or museum members and so forth. Customer tax code let's you designate whether some customers are exempt form sales tax. 

Customer Information and Addresses

  • Store Operations >> Manage Customers >> New Customer
  • Enter first and last name and any contact information you wish along with optional Email, phone and birth date information.
  • Addresses - you can multiple addresses for each customer including recipient names foe shipping and billing addresses. You can designate which addresses are the default. 
  • Customer Group - you can set an exact customer group for when you want to apply promotions to the customer.


  • Active check box (Enable/Disable) allows you to deactivate a customer - it will no longer show up in searches. You can reactivate the customer.
  • Tax Exempt - if you allow this setting the current customer does not have to pay tax if they have any sale at your store.
  • Preferred Receipt - the Front Register will read this setting and default whether the user will get their receipt printed, emailed or both!

Other Ways of Doing This

  • Quick Add Customer is available in Front Register and Work Orders and is a simple way to add a basic customer. Not all the fields are available and those that are not on the quick add screen get filled in with default values. From Quick Add you can create the customer from and attach the new customer to the transaction you are working on.
  • Customers can be imported from Magento or from a CSV file. 

Settings That Affect This

  • System >> Admin Settings >> General Settings >> Defaults >> Customer contain the time saving defaults for entering a new customer:
    • Default Tax Class
    • Default Customer Type
    • Default Preferred Contact 
    • Default Preferred Receipt
    • Default Country
    • Default Gender