Manage Customers:


Customers can be set up to be shared between your Magento ecommerce site and your MicroBiz Cloud system. You can limit customer scope so that they only show up in certain stores and you can set up customer types to limit which customers get promotional pricing.

The default 'Walk In' customer is  automatically placed on each receipt. Walk In is just a way to say I'm not going to keep track of this customer. You can type an email address into the Walk In Customer email field and email receipts to walk in customers. The only limitation is that Store Credits and Work Orders need a real customer assigned to them. Otherwise you are free to use the walk in customer as much as you like.

Customer Type

Customer types are used by promotions to determine whether the customer qualifies for the sale price. This is a good place to make categories for special groups of customers such as 'Facebook Friends', 'Loyalty', 'Club Members'. You should also have a basic retail customer and perhaps an e-commerce customer to help you build effective pricing and incentive programs.


Customer Tax Class

Each Customer Type is assigned a single Customer Tax Class. Tax classes determine whether the customer gets charged sales tax. Don't worry if you don't charge sales tax in some of your store locations. Sales tax doesn't get charged unless the item is taxable, the customer is taxable and the goods or services are delivered in a taxable jurisdiction.

Marketing Consent

Specifies that customers must 'opt-in' to marketing services, usually by a tick-box.

This means an individual actively chooses to receive marketing information from you in the future, rather than choose not to.