Placing/Recalling a Transaction on Hold

Place a Transaction on Hold

  • At any point prior to making a payment click the 'Hold' button from the Action menu>>Transaction>>Hold Transaction
  • Enter either a name, Note or both. (if a customer is already attached to the receipt these are filled in for you). 
  • Click Ok - the transaction is set aside a you are ready to begin a new one!

Recall a Transaction on Hold

  • From the Sales >>on Hold tab Select transaction
  • click/touch the Hold Transaction if you see it listed and click/touch the Reopen Hold button. 

Other Ways of Doing This

  • Sorry! There are no other ways of doing this but you can also 'Cancel' a transaction if you do not wish to recall it at a later time. 
  • You can also Void a transaction that has been completed using the Action Menu Receipt Void option.

Settings That Affect This

  • Managers can view and delete holds manually in
    Front Register>> Sales>> on Hold>>Selecting Transaction/s>> Click/touch Remove Button.