Discount an Item at the Front Register


  • Click on the checkbox to select an items on the sale( to apply discounts on a Sale, its mandatory to change from setting>>Advanced Settings>>Register Settings>>Allow Discounts at Front Register to 'yes' ).
  • From the Action Menu >> Items Panel Click Discount Item.

  • Enter a %off, $off or New Price. The new price is the total package price for all lines selected.
  • Select the reason that you are Discounting the items and hit on the apply button.

after the changes that you made, you will have a new total which means the Total of the Sale will be decreased. 

Other Ways of Doing This
  • The Register Discount is only one way of placing items on sale. You can also create a promotion to mark down groups of items automatically at the Front Register. The sale price for a promotion will come up automatically when it is added to the transaction.