The Four Methods to Add Products to a Transaction

Option One: Scan Barcode

You can add an item to your Sale by Scanning an item using barcodes.  Simply scan the item's bar code, and the MicroBiz system will search for the bar code in a product record, and if a match is made, add the item to the register transaction with a quantity of one.

Open Two: Search for Product using Search Bar Incremental Search

You can also search for an item by entering a SKU, UPC, Item Name or Alternate ID as a text string in the top search box on the register screen.  Once you enter three characters, MicroBiz will begin to search for your item.

  • Partial SKU, UPC, Item Name etc. searches using both 'begins with' and 'contains',  so a search for '8501' would bring up both 8501323 and 50448501. "Button Up" would return both "RED BUTTON UP JUMPER" and "Button Up Shirt". 
  • Searches are case insensitive so upper and lowercase are ignored.
  • As you enter more characters, the search is automatically refined.  So if your initial search shows too many results, keep entering characteristics of the item (name, color, size) until the size of the search results is manageable.

Option Three: Advanced Search and Filters

MicroBiz Cloud v2.0 added a search overlay that allows you to use a variety of filters and display options to find and view additional information on products.  There are multiple ways to access the advanced search screen from the front register:

  • Top search box button - The small Search Icon at the right end of the top search box will activate the Advanced Search overlay.
  • Action panel button - There is a action panel named 'Advanced Search' located in the Items tab of the action panel.

Option Four: Quick Pick Buttons

The last way to add an item to a sale is by using the Quick Pick Panel.  You can as all types of products (non-inventory, simple, matrix) as Quick Pick buttons, and also include setting for Prompt for Price and Sell in Fractional Quantities.  

You can set up unlimited panels of Quick Pick buttons, which can be accessed by the scroll bar at the top.

When setting up panels, you have flexibility to add color accents, short names (maximum 20 characters) and place buttons where you would like.  

See link below for help setting up a Quick Pick Panel.


What Barcode Formats are Supported?

Customer Alternate ID

Setting up the Quick Pick Panel

Settings That Affect This

  • No settings affect the Scan Panel item search and scan functions.