How to place on hold and recall the transaction

Placing a Transaction on Hold

  • At any point prior to making a payment click the 'Hold Transaction' button from the Action Menu in on the Front Register.
  • Enter a name of the customer (required) so that you can recall it easy.  You can add a note that will help you remember the transaction (optional).  If a customer is already attached to the transaction, the Name field will automatically filled in for you. 
  • Click 'OK'.  The transaction is set aside and you are ready to begin a new one!

Recalling a Transaction on Hold 

  • From Navigation Bar at the top of the screen, click on 'Sales' button to open the Sales Dashboard.
  • Slide the blue toggle switch to the right, to select 'On Hold
  • From the list of transactions on hold. select the line transaction that you would like to reopen.
  • Then, click on the orange 'Reopen Hold' button at the top right corner.
  • This will transfer the selected transaction back to the front register.

Removing a Transaction on Hold

  • From the Hold tab of the Sales Dashboard, select the transaction that you would like to remove from the list the 'On hold' List.
  • Click on 'Remove' button at the top right, and then confirm it by pressing 'Yes' on the confirmation pop-up.