How to Set Up Tax Inclusive Pricing

Tax inclusive pricing is used in many parts of the world.  Taxes are included in the stated prices in the system and not added separately at the time of sale. 

Step One: Select Tax Inclusive Pricing in the Advanced Settings

Navigate to Settings >> General >> Advanced Settings >> General Account Settings and use the 'Prices Are' dropdown to select the Tax Inclusive option.  

Continue below to select a Default Tax Store as well. The Default Tax Store will determine the tax inclusive rate shown on the 'General' tab in the Product Record.  Store specific rates and prices will show on the 'Prices' tab in the Product record.

Step Two: Configure Receipt Template Include Tax Inclusive Pricing

You must also adjust the settings to add "Show Tax Inclusive Prices" to your Receipt Template!

To do this, navigate to Settings>>Receipt Templates>> Continue to 'Format' tab and select Tax Inclusive Prices. 

Please note certain reports may only show tax exclusive prices.

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