Employee Settings

To manage or add a new user or employee to MicroBiz, go to Settings >> Employees >> Employees.

 This will take you to a table showing all employees across all your store locations.  

  • Add an Employee - Click on the 'Add New' button at the top right.  There are no limits on users in MicroBiz Cloud so feel free to add all your clerks and warehouse staff.
  • Delete an Employee - Use the 'Delete' drop down in the Action column to remove an existing employee.
  • Find an Employee - Use the search box at the top of the page.
  • Edit and Employee - Double click on the row to open the employee record or click the blue 'Edit' link in the Action column.
  • Export Employee Data - Use the gear icon for exports of data.

From here you can fill in the new user's information. The fields marked with a red star are necessary and the others are optional. 

  •  Access Role - This will allow you to set the level of access that this particular user has when it comes to your MicroBiz subscription.  These permission specifics can be set elsewhere in the subscription (To help you understand more about the Employee Roles and their Permissions to access the system, Please navigate from Settings>>Employee List, click on Employee Roles). Please ensure you select one of these roles and the one most appropriate to this particular users level of access you want for them to have.
  • Default Store - This is the default store used for functions such as copying settings.
  • Store Access - This defines what stores the employee will have access to.  If a store is added to the employee record, the employee's name will be shown in the register login window of that store, and the employee will be able to login and access the store's data and POS system (subject to the restrictions of the Employee Role assigned to the employee).
  • Register Login Pin - This is used to provide quick access to the system by an employee.
  • Login User Name/Password - Used to log into MicroBiz.  Be sure that you create a secure pin and/or password that your employee can remember.

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